English Program

Spoken English Skills

Spoken English Skills courses tends to improve your fluency and pronunciation in English through a diversity of interactive classroom sessions which will help students in acquiring the perfect speaking skills offered at three levels - Pre - intermediate, Intermediate and Upper - intermediate.

Our Spoken English course will help you to:
  • Our course will help you to improve your speaking skills for jobinterviews, group discussionsand public speeches
  • It will build confidence through group and pair activities
  • We will make you to learn naturally in enjoyable video sessions
  • Practice listening in Digital Multimedia Self Access Centre

English Grammar

is the foundation of sentence structure, inall languages. Grammar is the way we build our sentences to make them clear and precise, using sound, structure, and a meaning system. These are important patterns to help make the English language consistent and relatable to anyone who wishes to learn and improve upon the language. English grammar courses can help establish that pattern for students, or help to repair their sentence structures in a world where English grammar is sometimes misplaced or misused.